Sunday, 14 December 2014

When I am not sewing…

The last few weeks were pretty busy. First, I have changed jobs and getting in my new team and my new responsibilities means that I do not always have time or energy to continue the sewing rhythm.

Moreover, my week-ends were spent on the X-mas cookies baking. It was always a tradition in my family to bake all the cookies by ourselves, first because the bought ones are never good enough and second because living abroad limits my possibilities of buying them.
Last year the efforts of baking the cookies were split or shared between my sister and myself. This year I ended up being the only one to bake them. 

So let’s have a look at them:
Vanilla croissants:

Cookies glued with red-currant jam:

Hazelnut flowers: this is where I realised that the quality controller was consuming too many samples

Anis triangles (before being cut into triangles :o):

Small cakes (nut-rhum filling and chocolate glazing):

And a flop of the year: these cookies should have been dark, but the colour did not disperse in the cookies and they took too much volume so I cannot glue them together...

Now I only need to find some time to sew my X-mas dress and I am ready for the vacation.

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