Sunday, 28 March 2021

Yet Another Merino

My BF started running this year (yes, the pandemic does not have only negative effects) and despite myself buying him a few running clothes pieces, he definitely prefers his RTW merino t-shirt. This piece was just in such a regular rotation, that he almost wanted to wear it two times. So even though merino does not smell bad even if you sweat in it, I do not think it is always a great idea.

I just remembered I still had about a meter of merino sports jersey from The Fabric Store and decided one week-end to cut into it. It was originally "reserved" for a cardigan for me, but I am still undecided which kind of cardigan I would like to have, so that is not happening any time soon. I believe a sports t-shirt will have a much more utility now.

This is just a basic, so in terms of sewing, there is not much to say apart from the fact that I copied his RTW t-shirt and sewed it with a flatlock seam. I wanted to add a little something, so used an old scrap of cotton jersey around the neck and a little "etiquette" on the left side for days when he does not now where the front and the back is.

The t-shirt got instantly worn and is in regular rotation since - my BF currently runs 3 times a week, so he is at least covered for two of them with merino. On the other side, the weather is getting warmer, so I believe that he will start wearing regular sports shirts soon.

Sunday, 14 March 2021

Liberty Cuteness

I do not think I have ever bought and sewn Liberty fabric, but I am afraid that I will try that again, because this was pure joy. First, I must admit that I was never particularly drawn to Liberty, as a lot of their designs are in fine, pink and blue colours, i.e. not my style. Also, I try not to wear a lot of little flower designs.

However, when I saw this one, all alarms started beeping: ochre, green, red and black, ALL YOUR COLOURS, please buy me!!! and have a look, from faraway it does not even look like flowers. Well, I was weak and ordered it. When the fabric arrived, it was even better in real life than in the pictures and also, the fabric is so fine and soft. Well, it did not stay in my stash for long.

Of course, I had to find the right pattern, but I figured out that when buying Liberty, I should go for the classics, and sew a little cute dress. I was hesitating a little on whether I really want to have an all flower dress, but then, we are in the middle of the pandemics, I will mostly wear this at home or on vacation, so let's go for it.

I used Burda 108-11/2020, with a few modifications: I did not want to have the buttons on the skirt, so I added a side zip and I certainly did not want the sleeve ruffles :) I cannot have both, little flowers AND ruffles, let's be reasonable here. I was also hesitating on putting in some skirt lining, but in the end, I decided against it, fearing it would add too much of the volume.

The fabric was just magic to sew, I seem to always say that when sewing with simple cottons, as it is just sooo easy compared to jerseys, silk or basically anything else. This does not mean I want to only sew cottons, but it is great to make such a nice project from time to time.

The nacre buttons are from my enormous button stash, so a great win for no additional spend.

Verdict: I love the dress. It has just the right amount of cuteness and romanticism, but it still works with dark shoes. I am pretty sure I will wear it in summer with sneakers, but it was way too cold when we took these pictures.

Now, where can I find some more cute Liberty...

Sunday, 7 March 2021

Velvet Dress n°2

Aka the grey one.

Hmmm, velvet, good or bad idea? I was a teenager in the 90s, so basically grew up with high-waisted jeans, pinafores and crushed velvet which was a big hit at that time. What comes next? t-shirts under summer dresses and black bras under white t-shirts, urghhh. Ok you got it, I am not a big fan of the current fashion comebacks. Never mind, but a basic velvet, that cannot be such a bad idea, right? At worse I will only wear it at home.

With that in mind, I ordered 2 velvet fabrics just before x-mas, one piece was also used for a little cute baby number. And during my x-mas staycation I sewed two dresses.

The grey fabric is a mix of cotton and viscose as is therefore thinner and drapier. I used a Knipmode pattern (10/23) mixed with my jersey dress block. I do not think there was anything complicated, the dress whizzed through my serger in no time and it was done.

And it was worn almost once a week since. I am sometimes pondering on shortening it by 1-2 cm but at the moment cannot be bothered. It is warm, cosy, comfy, just the perfect stay-at-home-dress. It looks good on zoom and my BF likes it as well.

I am almost wondering why I do not have an entire winter wardrobe made of velvet :)

Sunday, 28 February 2021

Velvet Dress n°1

Aka the green one, or the x-mas one. I actually wore it on New Year's Eve, but whatever, you got the idea.

I had order some velvet fabric at the end of the last year, one was a mix with viscose and this one 100% cotton. The cotton is much heavier than the viscose, but as soft, so great for some season-appropriate dress.

I had this pattern from Burda 118 from March 2020 in mind earmarked, so I figured this could be a good idea. Hmm, in the end not so much, as the fabric is way too heavy for that and there is just too much fabric for that on your waist, but it is a great and comfy dress and I loved wearing it on New Year's Eve. Btw, my BF is a big fan :)

The pattern is really great, the cleavage is somehow deep, but closed enough so when you stay standing, there is absolutely no way flashing anything. I think that is pretty darn good. Even relaxing on the couch, it does not open so much, so it is really well designed. In any case, I could always put in 2-3 safety stitches if needed.

You might have seen that the sleeves are not hemmed, actually, I must have cut them out too short, so they were just right not hemmed - this is a cotton jersey, it does not frau so I just let it go.

The dress creates a great silhouette of course, and I really managed to have waist sitting on the waist, which definitely helps, thank you Burda for being consistent with your sizes, as I can just blindly do a few standard adjustments and have a dress ready.

Sunday, 21 February 2021

Drops cardigan

This post is super overdue, I just checked my tracking spreadsheet and it says this thing was finished in May 2020. Oh well..

I have dreamed about a casual black/not-so-black cardigan for some time. So when I found this drops cotton jacquard, I had to buy it. I was motivated enough to get it sewn rather quickly but I was looking for the right pattern.

The thing is, most cardigan pattern are not meant for really drapey fabrics and Burda is not a big cardigan source. Check StyleArc or some indies, which I basically never sew, and you will find many of them. But not the right one for my fabric.
After some ponderation, I decided to go for this Burda pattern: 119-08/2018 - it looks really cute on the model and is quite original.

Pattern downloaded, printed, fabric cut out, it all took only a few hours. The problem is that I was not happy with how it looked on me. Once I saw it on myself, I realized my mistake: the model is a slim tall person on which almost anything looks cute. Not my case, right? It added volume on the shoulders and around the top of my body which I did not like at all. I tried to slim it down on the sides but it only accentuated the volume on the upper part.

On side it went, I just did not want to lose the amazing fabric so I started thinking about how I could salvage it.
After some thinking about the Bianca wrap, I finally decided to copy an RTW cardigan of mine. Fortunately, I still had some fabric to cut out the sleeves, the body was cut out from the original version.

I am now much more happy with the result, it really looks good and fits my style much more.

Friday, 29 January 2021

2021 Year Plan

We are almost at the end of January and I have still not published my 2021 resolutions, so quickly catching up before it is too late and before we finally get some pictures done and I can  publish my 2020 makes. I have quite a huge backlog now, so even though I have not sewn almost anything in January, I can still blog easily for 2 months ahead.

My main objective for 2021 would be a stash reduction of 10m, as usual, and an attempt on sewing even more from my stash. I spent quite some money on sewing supplies and patterns in 2020, including a revision of my sewing machine and a new serger, excused by the pandemic, lockdown etc, however, I currently have a lot of things in my wardrobe and definitely do not wear them as much as I would like to so there is not much point on sewing many things in general. I can already feel it on my January motivation, as I spent my free time on reading and learning new stuff much more than sewing. 

Another big objective is to use scraps. I have a big box of scraps, plus another one with refashion/recycle items. While there is a reason for that and I occasionally reach in them, they keep growing and the 2 boxes will soon not be enough. So the aim here would be to try to use up the scraps for useful stuff. 

A few ideas so far:

- make-up removals (already done)

- yoga colour-blocked clothes or underwear for jersey scraps

- jewellery 

And I might also have a try on some crazy patchwork.

As for the projects, I am not planning anything in particular, I have quite a few fabrics which are earmarked for specific projects (in my mind), so if I get to make these, it would be enough:

- liberty flower leisure dress

- silk casual jacket

- Greenstyle moxi shorts in multiple colours

- black spring coat

- grey ponte 2-piece

Saturday, 16 January 2021

Some Other Non-Garment Sewing

This is just to document some x-mas gifts and some non-clothes sewing I did at the end of the last year.

Honestly, it was quite fun to sew something else than my usual dresses, as I was not very motivated to continue adding new standard clothes to my wardrobe, knowing that I only wear my collection of jersey dresses in the end. Full time home office became a norm again at the end of October and we are nowhere close to getting to the office on a regular basis before.... hmmm... end of March or possibly April, I would guess.

However, I got to do some other projects:

In preparation for December, I whipped up a quick Advent calendar for us - nothing super fancy, just 24 fabric bags, sewn super quickly on the serger. But this project used up a piece of black poly I would never ever use for a piece of clothing, as well as some nice ribbon.

I only sticked the numbers with washi tape, so that I can keep the little bags afterwards.

Next were some merino t-shirts for my parents, I actually used the same pattern for both of them, just adjusted the size little bit. I also added a little something on each of the shirts to make them more unique.

Last but not least, the big fashion in my Facebook sewing group this year: the reversible octopus. I used some velvet scraps from my 2 new velvet dresses which was a good and a bad idea. The octopus is very soft, but it was a pain to sew. The fabric frayed or disintegrated very easily and I had to resew several seams, as I was discovering new holes when filling the octopus up.

Also, I was not sure how much it should be stuffed, enough to hold its shape but not too much to be able to reverse it. It took only one evening to make but is rather cute :-)