Friday, 6 November 2015

60' Dress

Yes, it is true I already have a grey wool dress, yes, it is true I wear a lot of grey/brown/black in winter, but yes, it is true I really love this fabric.
It is some kind of thin wool flannel and it is so soft and such a pleasure to sew with. And I had bought a 3m coupon in the beginning which means that even after having sewn 2 dresses out of it, I still have some left for another one. The first one is here

More importantly: I bought September Burda and I think it is one rare great number. Not only did I sew this 60’ style dress, but I have an eye on two others.

So to the details: the dress is Burda 110-09/2015, the version with short sleeves and I have to admit, I got completely inspired by the magazine picture.

Note to myself: get better at ironing, the pictures were taken after several wears already.

As usual with Burda I had to adapt the shoulder area and took it in on the sides from the waist down. This time I am very proud of not only my invisible zipper, but also the invisible pockets. 

Yes, ye, there IS a pocket in this seam!!!

I like the minimalism of this dress which lets me accessorise it according to the circumstances. The dress is extremely confortable, be it for work or traveling. I just love the silhouette and the ease of movements.
I will not say that I will sew it again in another colour, but I think I just need some more 60’ inspired dresses. Thinking about some vintage ones, maybe…

I already talked about the fabric, warm enough for autumn/winter period; the dress is lined with black cotton-silk and so are the pockets. I know it is a risky one, but I just love the feeling of silk when I put my hands in the pockets :o)

Ok, a few pictures of the dress when worn, visiting the Chambord castle in Vallée de la Loire: it was an amazing autumn week-end with great weather and nice light, with all the autumn colours.

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