Sunday, 25 September 2016

Khaki Linen Dress and a Little Revival :o)

Before I knew it, we are at the end of September and I have not blogged for almost 2 months. Between 3 weeks of vacation, the come back to work and a busy life, I almost forgot that I did sew a summer dress just before the vacation and never blogged it, so here it is.

This time I vowed to avoid any mast minute sewing and managed to stick to that, the dress got finished easily one week before our departure. Unfortunately, it did not get a lot of wear as I spent my vacation in the nature where t-shirt and shorts were the only appropriate clothes.

Anyway, I am quite happy I finally got to sew something from this dark green/khaki linen mix. It has an amazing colour but is quite sheer, see-through and wrinkles as hell. So a lot of hesitation on what to make from it. In the end, I decided to underline it with a fine silk-cotton blend which I bought in many colours already and it serves as great stabilizer for some sheer fabrics.

Of course, it does not solve everything but at least the wrinkle factor is better.

I went with Simplicity 3833, a retro reproduction which I have already sewn here, this time without the sleeves. I knew the fit was just perfect, I only enlarged the armscyes and that was it.
No lining and I am quite surprised how the linen finally sticks to the dress form.

The dress was really a no-brainer, just a perfect summer project, ready in a few days and extremely comfortable in the hot summer weather.

The real-life pictures were only taken in September, but never mind, we are still enjoying some nice weather here.

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