Saturday, 9 September 2017

Pre-Vacation Madness

Soooo, I had new trousers ready for my vacation (and still 5 days to go). The problem was that when going through my stash I dag out also this fabric which was only "screaming vacation in Asia" (and yes, it comes from the same fabric haul in Indonesia). Is is bright orange-green-gold cotton, again a fabric I will probably not wear to the office.

But I could not leave for Thailand without sewing something from it.

Knowing that I only had a few evenings ahead of me and also all packing to do, I opted for a simple dress which should ressemble Burda 125 from 05/2015: empire top and a large skirt so I could wear it and not be too hot.

I quickly muslined the top, decided that a larger one would definitely be better. For the skirt I just cut a rectangle from the remaining fabric and pinned the pleats on myself.

Two days later I had a cute little dress. Do not get me wrong, I totally love complicated sewing projects but this little piece was marvelous - I was never too hot in it and the skirt is quite long so I was not afraid of showing anything whatsoever if a little wind came around. When checking the pictures I might get back to it and shorten the skirt little bit. Or not.... we will see.

If you count correctly, you must have realized I still had some 3 days before leaving on vacation... :o) and you might figure out what happened next. Yes, I got to sewing again!!!!! I know, totally panicked and stressed out before and I needed to occupy my mind with something.

So here we go: another pair of pants, the same pattern as always, orange as always. Because a girl needs to have some choice. This pair served mainly as my airplane pants. I still hesitate if it looks too much as pyjama pants here, but I did not care, I like them and they were perfect for the travel.

And yes, this is the end of the story. I sewed 3 garments in like a week - the proof that you can, if you really want. And I will have to because I brought several meters (29 to be exact) of silks and wools from Thailand - such great choice and such great prices I just could not resist. So off to work....

PS: after getting back home, I used the remnant of the last pair of pants to whip up a pair of shorts to extend my collection of homewear. Nothing special to write about, I used my more than true-and-tested pattern.

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