Sunday, 8 October 2017

Or Another One?

I am on a real t&t wave (or really lazy to sew muslins) since this summer. I just like to match the pattern with my fabric and go for it, sew something in a week, wear it the other day. Next, please!

In this craziness I sewed a second autumn shift dress with the same pattern as the last one). This time I used this beautiful brown-orange fine wool, which I liked so much that I was "saving it for something special" for almost two years. Now, I just decided to use it up, as I have a stash full of fabrics I would like to save up for something special.

As for my grey shift dress, I interfaced the dress body with the - now famous - cotton-silk voile, as I still had a little remnant in brown. I also added a very fine black silk lining - it is better than nothing.

As for the sleeves I wanted something more sobber, and most importantly, something which goes under a cardigan. I added the little plackets , and a decorative button. In this picture you can at least see the fabric in detail.

For once, I like the fact tht the dress is extremely simple - I realized that the more complicated the dress, the less accessories I tend to wear, so the aim of this one is really to have a basic one and change the look with jewelery and scarves.

Now I am done with the simple things, my yearly stash development got again into negative numbers which is a great thing and I can finally dig into my never-ending wishlist and sew the cape, the black long-sleeve dress, the Rebecca Taylor dress etc.

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  1. This is lovely, I really like the cuff detail on the sleeve.