Tuesday, 18 June 2019

False Chanel Jacket

Well, I still have a plan to buy some great bouclé and take the 100+ sewing hours needed to make a real Chanel jacket, but for the moment, I have at least sewn a little simple bouclé jacket and I like it a lot.

The bouclé fabric comes from sales at Coupons de St.Pierre, is quite simple, but I really like the style. In my new job, jackets are more of a norm than cardigans, so this one will work great with black dresses.
The pattern is Burda 108-02/2017 (oh, the February 2017 issue - I think I have already sewn at least 5 patterns from this issue). I did a few usual adjustments on the shoulder part, but I also narrowed the jacket to make it less boxy and more fitted.

The jacket is entirely interfaced, because the bouclé was very moving, and lined with some black light silk which makes it feel very luxurious.

Originally, I did not want to add any decorations, but when the jacket was almost ready, I tried to add some fringes and a black ribbon. And I am really happy I took the time (the ribbon was to fragile, so I had to sew it by hand) because it really finishes the jacket. 

I did not bother with any closing. At first, I wanted to add the little hooks, but it did not wok well and I figured out I would never wear the jacket closed, so why bother...

It is a little different style than what I usually sew and wear, but it will fit to my work wardrobe very well.

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  1. This is gorgeous!! I love the fitted style and the trim.