Sunday, 9 March 2014

Bordeaux dress

I originally wanted to continue with a skirt, but had bought a bordeaux wool fabric back in January. As the weather gets better and better (yeah!), the chances that I will wear anything from this fabric is going down :o(. So I changed my priorities and got into the wool dress project. I was afraid the fabric would be too thick and stiff, but it got ironed very easily and was a real pleasure to sew. It also creases a lot…

I have chosen the Burda 128 – 08/2009 model which I have seen on a few blogs, either as finished or as a planned project. As it is supposed to be a winter dress, I lined the bodice, but not the sleeves this time, as indicated by Burda.

I cut the back of the dress to separate the bodice from the skirt, which added one more seam to take care of and to make sure the darts are perfectly aligned. Ok, the left one is liiiiitle bit shifted, but I will have to live with it.

However, I am pretty satisfied with the rest of the alignments, as well as the invisible zipper which I managed on the first try. I must admit I watched the Burda video on inserting invisible zippers at least three times, used a zipper food for the first time (what a great thing!), and the fabric, as well as the lining are properly folded and the zipper is …well, invisible :o)

As for the grey dress, I have made a few adjustments to the pattern: took away 4cm on the shoulders and almost 15cm on the skirt length (10 before even cutting in the fabric, 5 afterwards).

The hem was a real puzzle. The skirt is actually getting narrower with the length, so when I folded the hem with a black ribbon, it never matched. I ended up hand stitching almost the whole hem twice, but it was worth it. 

A small surprise I discovered when sewing the dress, it is matching!

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  1. sqělýýýýý ! tleskám. jak z butiku. fakt dobrý.