Sunday, 15 February 2015

Basics winter sewing - black wool crepe dress

I am constantly divided between all those great colorful and original dresses I see on the blogosphere which motivate me to create some as well and the fact that I primarily sew working clothes. With limited time dedicated to sewing, and almost zero possibility to find appropriate clothes (read clothes I do not have to adjust to my size and I like the colour and cut), the choice is quickly made.

So here we go with a next “basics”. Put in some black wool crepe from Laurent Garigue, a proven pattern (Butterick 6016), add a pair of sleeves and I do not ask for much more.

Not so many adjustments needed, just plain and quick sewing. The dress is lined with a rest of the flower silk, which I also used for the hem. Again, the wool crepe is forgiving but needs to be handled carefully to prevent fraying.

The black was really difficult to photograph, moreover with a new flash my photograph got last week. So the preparations took some time and … I got bored.

OK, enough talking, here is the finished dress:

Inspiration: …
Pattern: Butterick 6016 with sleeves
Pattern changes: sleeves
Technique: nothing special
Fabric: black wool crepe
Time to Complete: 2 weeks

Total Cost: 31 EUR


  1. Hi, I found your blog via burdastyle. You've made some very pretty dresses! I love this one with the flowy skirt, it's very flattering on you. And the red belt is perfect on it!

    1. Thank you, it is one of my favourites, since it is only very warm!