Sunday, 29 March 2015

Black Top with Brown Eyes

Ok, actually these are no eyes, but a false leopard print, but I have difficulties accepting that I am wearing leopard :o)
It was a quick and very rewarding project. First, I think the fabric is gorgeous, it is a mix of silk and viscose, thus it is quite soft on the touch, but does not stretch as viscose itself, also it is slightly, but only slightly shiny, which makes the top a real top, not a simple t-shirt.

I combined the Burda pattern 125-02/2014 with a few ideas from a RTW blouse I own. Being wary of Burda, I muslined the pattern and, as usual, took in a few cm on the shoulders.
The sleeves are gathered with an elastic band, I totally improvised on this part, I do not know if it was a good idea, but the result looks pretty good.

I added a slitch and used bias binding on the upper hem, finished with a small button.

It all came up together quite quickly and smoothly, I must have finished it in one day or so.

When I bought the fabric, I knew I wanted a top, but have found myself searching desperately for a top pattern. It seems my pattern shopping is rather limited to dresses and ... well, dresses. Fortunately I have a few Burdas, hoping they would save me in cases like this.

Any ideas of an original (not too drapy) top with sleeves ?

Inspiration: Nice fabric
Pattern: Burda 125-02/2014
Pattern changes: many
Technique: biais binding
Fabric: leopard rayon-silk
Time to Complete: a week-end

Total Cost: 15 EUR

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