Sunday, 12 April 2015

Pocket skirt

Another quick project before I dig in my big spring coat project. It has been some time I have sewn a skirt, so here we go, one little for spring.

I found a gorgeous brown wool fabric with little orange threads in it (on most of the pictures the colour is more brown-grey; in reality it is a nice warm brown), it is supposed to be suit wool, but after ironing it, I suspect there is something else blended in. Anyhow, I still have some more 3 meters of it so will probably try to make a whole suit from it.

I have chosen Burda 104-02/2010 which was even available in size 34. I made my muslin and it fitted. I would say no big surprise, the bottom pieces are rather easy to fit for me and the skirt has an A-line, but it was very pleasant to concentrate on other things, like the details:

First is the interfacing of pockets – I did not use fusible interfacing this time, but a strip of muslin fabric to reinforce the pocket edge.

Second is an interfacing technique I used on the belt: I cut the pieces in the fashion fabric, muslin AND organza. The organza and muslin are then sewn together and attached to the fashion fabric. It gives the belt real form and prevents it from wrinkling.

Third, the invisible zip, supported with muslin strips alongside the seams

The skirt is lined with light cotton-silk, and finished according to my usual standards.

I am really proud of seam matching, invisible zip and the whole result, so I am pretty sure I will be sewing this pattern again in summer.

Inspiration: do I need to be inspired?
Pattern: Burda 104-02/2010
Pattern changes: none !!!
Technique: pockets, belt interfacing
Fabric: brown wool (blend?)
Time to Complete: a week-end
Total Cost: 14 EUR


  1. Very nice skirt! Perfect fit, love the pockets, and the fabric is gorgeous indeed!

  2. What a lovely skirt, the fabric looks beautiful.

  3. Cute skirt, I'm going to add that pattern to my to-do list!