Sunday, 26 April 2015

Spring coat I. – too many options

In order to give me a bit of a challenge, I have decided to sew a spring coat.

First, I have been missing a real spring coat for a few years now, the only one I own comes from Asos petite, but it is missing any form (it is just too large for me) and interfacing, since it feels like wearing a simple shirt. So basically, each year I go directly from winter wool coats to simple blazers and jackets.
Second, I need to push myself in terms of my sewing skills and dresses are no longer a challenge for me.
Third, I have subscribed for the MMM 2015 challenge and having a spring coat will enable me to wear something me-made almost every day (no, this is not cheating).

Anyhow, it feels like a big chunk of sewing so I tend not to sew during the work-week (even if I have 2-3 hours free), while when sewing a small thing, I would certainly worked that way. So I have established a planning to make sure I progress and do not get somehow “blocked” by the task scale. (and I am not even talking about thinking about my future projects…)

The coat should be ready by May 13th, just in time for my mini-vacation, which gives me exactly 2 free week-ends which meant:
  • making my test model and cutting the fashion fabric by Friday, April 24th
  • sewing the coat exterior by Sunday, April 26th
  • sewing lining part by May 8th
  • completing the whole coat by May 10th

So far, so good, but for one thing.

Initially, I have chosen Vogue 8884 and sewn the test model. Only then I realized that despite all the adjustments I can do, the coat would not be as adjusted as I wished. So out with the test model, in with copying the RTW. I have 2 really nice winter coats coming from Benetton, both are just 2 seasons apart and are quite similar. Most importantly, they fit! OK, being perfectionist, I would maybe take away 1-2 centimeters on the torso length.
So copying it is, I made a combination of both coats, with the torso cutting in scallops and flaps.

And now for the planning: Here is the result on Sunday, 8 PM, but the day is not finished yet :o) Wish me luck!

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  1. Wow, impressive! I have copied a shirt from RTW, but a coat would be beyond my skills right now! I do hope to make a winter coat for next winter though, but from a pattern. Your coat looks great already, I am curious for the end result! Good luck with the deadline!