Monday, 4 May 2015

MMM 2015 – 1st (mini)week

The first week of this year’s MMM was actually a long week-end I spent travelling to Germany and Austria, which meant multiple challenge:
  • The weather forecast was quite bad for this time of year, so I had to stick to my winter coat
  • I only had a small luggage to share with my BF
  • At least one of my Me-Made clothes
So here we go Day 1: visiting Herreninsel on the Chiemsee. The place was really nice and the castle somehow foolish, but certainly worth the stop. Wearing my brown pocket skirt.

Day 2: sightseeing in Salzburg, this outfit is probably too green/khaki, but as said I was stuck with only one winter coat. Khaki dress, made by me.

Day 3 was not me-made for one simple reason: I run the Salzburg marathon (in a very bad rainy weather, oh well, that happens), and all my running, as well as post-running clothes were bought.

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