Monday, 18 May 2015

Flowery top (stash-busting May bonus)

And a great top! So I have finished my coat... Before schedule. But more details on that later, I still need to take pictures of it. 
I still had two week-end days before me so I went for a quick top. I have some beautiful silk to use on this top, so I wanted to make a wearable muslin first.

The pattern I used is Simplicity 6808 which I bought in pdf version >>> BIG mistake. I am used to Burda print patterns which are usually not much paper-consuming (as Burda combines all sizes together and you need to trace them out). But this one was just a nightmare. 
Actually, they want you to print out the three big sheets which you usually find in the paper version. All this just for one simple top. I ended up looking at the plans just to figure out which part I do not have to print. Not because I am saving up on the cartridge, but I trace out all patterns (never cut them out) on silk paper anyway, so all the printed paper then goes to the bin.

Anyhow, for the first time I did the usual shoulder-sleeve adjustments before cutting the fabric and I shortened the top. I used a rest of a very lovely flowery viscose from this dress. I just love the fabric but I have seen it not keeping the proper form. It is quite OK on the dress, since its top is body-hugging and the skirt quite large, but on the top I was afraid it would become like a cheap t-shirt.

That’s why I decided to interface the top with brown silk-cotton muslin. I bought this wonder in a few colours and basically used it only once for this top (in double layer).  As interfacing it worked wonderfully. It does not add any bulk but just keeps the viscose from extending.

As my top is basically a wearable muslin, I did not bother inserting the zip. Instead, I used only 3 press buttons – a closing which I should have done from front to back and not the other way. I will do better next time.
The sleeves got in perfectly and I decided to fold them at the hem as well. 

 For my version I went with the asymmetrical collar, minus the bow.

All in all, I am very happy about this top. It is adjusted, with cute sleeves and the right collar, and of course many further options. I will certainly be sewing some more from this pattern.

Inspiration: wearable muslin
Pattern: Simplicity 6808
Pattern changes: shoulder-sleeves, length
Technique: nothing special..
Fabric: flowery viscose, silk-cotton muslin for interfacing
Time to Complete: 1 day
Total Cost: 12 EUR

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