Sunday, 10 May 2015

MMM 2015 - 2nd week

I am writing my weekly summary already now, because between my Sunday's activities of sewing, cooking and sports I know I will not be wearing any me-made clothes.

This is the first time I am really following the MMM challenge and I find it quite fun. Strangely, I thought I would need more time to find the right clothes to wear in the morning, but the limited choice actually makes things easier.

I also had 2 constraints added to the challenge: one is a constantly changing weather, the other was my hurt foot, therefore, I spent the whole week in my boots without heels. This should get better next week.

Looking at these pictures, I admit I tend to wear a very similar pattern, in terms of colours, as in terms of clothes. But this is not limited to my me-mades, I believe you would see something rather similar if I were to wear purely RTW as well.

PS: my spring coat is finished, way ahead of time, I just need to take pictures and post it here

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