Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Me-Made-May 2015 overview

At first, I have to admit that I did not keep my pledge 100%. I tried and kept wearing me-made clothes the whole month, but at least one me-made garment every day was little bit too much.

The weather was somehow strange the whole month and I realized that after 2 winters and only one summer of me sewing, I just do not have enough summery things. And not enough separates.

However, the month is far from being lost because I kept sewing and sewing. Besides finishing my first coat, I sewed 3 more tops, out of which I have already worn 2. In addition, I bought Anna pdf pattern and started sewing a more than wearable muslin of it. Already finished, but will need some time to take pictures and blog about it.
All-in-all, I have consumed almost 10m of fabric (compared to 18m bought, ehm, ehm).

I also realized that I have too many finished garments which I have not blogged about yet. Mostly because I am too lazy to take pictures of myself in them, or, I have not worn them yet so taking pictures is more difficult.

But back to Me-Made-May: and a few lessons I need to learn from for next year

As always, I have a few favorite garments which I tend to wear over and over. I am even thinking of the same styles sewing again from another (already bought) fabric. This is somehow getting against my hope to try and sew new pattern. And I have many of those as well. 

Separates are a great way to keep with my pledge (all 3 pics from our trip to Berlin):

Black is certainly my colour. Ok, most of the pictures are my work-outfits. I tend to wear brown-black-grey and that’s it. Perhaps if it was a me-made August when I spend 3 weeks on vacation, the colour palette might be different.

I should definitely sew some more skirts. This grey one is a great staple and the brown one is soo comfy. And I just love both patterns.

Ok, there is probably nothing transcending in this article, but I felt obliged to post a MMM recap in the end. It was fun to take pictures f myself every day and it is interesting to see the whole month here. In the end, little bit of colour might not harm… :o)

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