Friday, 12 June 2015

Anna by Hand London – the revelation

I have seen this pattern so many times in so many variations, I have the impression that all of the bloggers I follow have already sewn Anna dress in any of its modifications. I am also perfectly aware that I am getting my hands on it with a significant delay.
But I can now proudly say I have become a member of its fan club :o) and finally understood why this pattern is so favorite.

So, my first Anna was kind of a wearable muslin in basic blue cotton which was supposed to be worn with a linen polka-dot jacket I bought last year, but I am afraid, I will have to sew a different one for this jacket. But that is another story…
After a first quick muslin, the dress came out just right. That is somehow the magic of this pattern: it is nice in fine fabrics as well as in stiff cotton and it gives it a totally different look.

Looking at this version dress I would say I could have taken out 1-2cm more on the shoulder seams, but I am not sure…, it might have made the bodice too short, also....
I used HongKong finish on all the seams which means the unlined dress took me as long as if I decided to line it but I am really happy with the result. It is now so clean on the inside.

I was really wondering if my fabric was not some kind of linen-cotton blend after seeing how it behaved under the iron and how I managed to “print” the zip finish on the front bodice (during the last ironing before taking my pictures, grrrr).

I was so excited by how the dress came out that I immediately cut out another Anna dress, in silk crepe this time (already finished) and I am seriously thinking of sewing a third one :o) The silhouette is just so flattering, and the little kimono sleeves are just perfect for what I need: little shoulder coverage without too much fuss.

Inspiration: too many pictures on the web, like here, here, or here or even here 
Pattern: Anna By Hand London
Pattern changes: 2cm out of the shoulder, length
Technique: Hong-Kong seams
Fabric: blue cotton
Time to Complete: a week
Total Cost: 17 EUR

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