Sunday, 7 June 2015

You Never Have Enough Black Tops

On one of my fabric shopping sprees I bought 3m of black lycra-silk blend, because you know, you never have too much black fabric and it is sooo versatile.
Fortunately for this piece, I did not have enough storage place to put it (do not worry, a recent trip to Ikea and I have at least 1m3 of new closet space..), so it remained lying in the living room. Therefore, it got sewn very soon.

As you never have enough black fabric, you also never have enough black tops and I figured out I definitely needed some.

The first one is from Simplicity 6808 which I muslined here. This time, I kept it simple, but since it is soo hard to find adjusted tops in RTW, I am very satisfied with the result. After some hesitation, the top is double layered (interfaced, not lined), except for the minisleeves.

For the second one (because, why leave a remnant of black silk when you can buy some more next time) I wanted to experiment. I kind of liked the model 102 in 05/2015 with flounces and window-shopping suggests this is the 2015 style.
I adjusted the fit (shoulders, as usual) and shortened the flounces little bit: somehow flounces longer than the top seemed like a bad idea. As for my first black top, I double layered the top – lined this time to cover the zip.
I still am not quite sure whether it is the right style for me, but perhaps a change is a good idea.

By the way, the fabric is a horror to photograph, it moves like crazy and shines a little bit.

Inspiration: do you need to be inspired to sew and wear black tops?
Pattern: Simplicity 6808 and Burda 102-05/2015
Pattern changes: shoulder-sleeves
Technique: silk sewing
Fabric: silk-lycra blend
Time to Complete: a few work days for each

Total Cost: 15+12 EUR


  1. These are lovely. The fabric looks beautiful, and I really like the ruffly version. I totally agree about never having enoughh black tops! I've been making a few recently too.

  2. Thank you. I guess I still need to take a picture of myself with the ruffly one to be convinced it suits me..