Tuesday, 30 June 2015

In Need of .... a New Dress

The temperatures here are starting to climb, we started at barely 28 Sunday, going to 38 mid-week and the next week-end. Which means only one thing:
I need a new dress!!! Not that I do not have enough dresses in my wardrobe, but every morning, it is the same

dilema and the same idea: if only I had one dress more, I would not have such a problem.

So I have set myself a challenge: make myself another silk dress for he next week-end.

I have this cute dark green silk whatever-it-is with little flowers in my stash (which for me look like small mushrooms, so officially, this is my mushroom-silk dress) and I have never done my false-Colette with short sleeves. So this should be quick&easy, right?

Unfortunately, I came home quite late this evening, so only had the time to cut the fabric, including self-lining of the bodice.

More to come tomorrow....

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