Saturday, 27 February 2016

Batik Summer Top

Totally out of season, the winter is trying to persuade us it is still here, even though I am hoping it is its last attempt. Anyhow, I whipped up a quick project perfectly fitting into my crazy days currently.
Also, I managed to use up the whole amount of this batik silk bought last year in Indonesia and used as lining for this winter dress.

I am currently on a stash-busting challenge. Last year I realized I bought more than a reasonable amount of fabric within just 3 month (and no, I cannot say that being on vacation on the other side of the world is a good excuse for buying 30 meters of fabric). I oblige myself to note how much I consume currently and promised not to buy any more fabric until I reach an equilibrium.
Ok, an exception on buying lining might be authorized but currently, I am truly trying not to buy anything at all. And I still have 27 meters to go…

In addition, since I often manage to squeeze a simple dress from a meter of fabric, or even more if I omit sleeves, I constantly have small rests, just right for tops. I keep telling myself that I will sew a top from this of that piece, which almost never happens.
So this time, the top got sewn immediately, even though it might wait a long before being worn.

The pattern is a Simplicity 51-02/2014 which I already made two years ago and which was my big favourite on last vacation. So I just need to get it in few more colour variations.

I do not think there is much to say about the top: French seams, shirring and little bit of touchy hand-sewing, the fabric is very very light and moving constantly when sewing with it.

Last thing to say, it was like 5°C when my photograph convinced me that outside pictures would be better. I was pretty freezing there :o)

Inspiration: fabric
Pattern: Simplicity 51-02/2014
Pattern changes: none
Technique: French seams
Fabric: black silk batick
Time to Complete: a week-end

Total Cost: 5 EUR

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