Thursday, 14 July 2016

When Things Just Get Together Perfectly

I own a summer RTW dress which I consider quite cute and extremely comfortable, but anytime I wear it, I realize how stupid the dress is. It is a dress supposed to be worn in hot summer, but is made from polyester-viscose blend (I cut off the etiquette, but from the feeling of the fabric I am just guessing). It does not wrinkle, but I am always too hot in it and have the feeling of not being able to breathe.

Fortunately, I can copy it and throw it away when I get completely fed up with it. And fortunately again, last year July Burda featured exactly the same dress.
The Burda one has pockets, large skirt and fabric waistband, but that's it. They somehow recommend cotton satin which I am afraid would not be as flowy as the dress in the magazine, but who am I to follow everything Burda says?

I also had a meter of this cute silk crepe I used in winter for this top. Quick decisions tend to work quite well for me at the moment. And Euro 2016 gave me a lot of sewing time :o) I cut this dress on Sunday evening during the finals and finished it on Thursday during the 14th July defilés.
In the busy fabric it is difficult to tell the difference between the front and the back.

My skirt is probably something between the RTW and the Burda version - remember, I was working with limited amount of fabric. I did not do the pockets, as it does not work well in the flowy fabrics and used biais binding instead of facings.

I used French seams everywhere and biais binding on the armscyes. The sleeves are cut in double, so all seams are covered with them. I still cannot believe how easily this came out together, because it is Thursday evening and I already took pictures of the dress and posted on the blog :o)

The dress will be just perfect for hot days at work (if we have a chance to have any this year), so I am just sooo tempted to make another one!

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