Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Sewcation - a dream come true

What do you do when you are ready for X-mas, you still have a few days off to take and the world is turning crazy again: you have a sewcation. All bragging aside, I have 4 full days in front of me and only real thing to do is to sew :o)

This is also a reason why I am not publishing my 2016 hits and misses yet, there still will be a few items sewn this year. I also realized I have quite a bunch of them sewn and not photographed or blogged yet, so I will try to re-mediate that as well.

But back to the real stuff: what is on my cutting table:

Another pair of orange shorts to go with my home ensemble.

A simple shift dress from wool flannel. I am still looking for ideas how to make it less simple, but still a quick make, as I would like to bring it to my post-Christmas vacation.

And most importantly a cape from this wool-cashmere blend beauty:

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