Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Kay Unger Never Disappoints

I must admit, I just love Kay Unger's offer on Vogue patterns. I do not know this designer outside of Vogue world, but anytime I am looking for a nice somehow interesting fitted dress, I always end up choosing one of her models. In the past I bought a few of them but they are still waiting for the "right occasion".... hmmm... It is also true that sometimes I am little bit intimidated by them - which was typically the case by this pattern - V1432 - I totally loved the look, I wanted to sew it as a summer dress in linen, but I thought it would take too much time, concentration etc so that many other projects got ahead of it.

However, in my summer-dress-sewing-phase this year, I dag the pattern again (knowing I already had the fabric and everything) and I went for it. My sewing tactics of preparing the muslin and cutting out everything during the week evenings and really sewing during the week-end worked magic again. I started sewing early on Saturday and by Sunday evening the dress was finished - in the end it felt even too quick.
Of course, I did sew a muslin - the pattern is just too complicated in the bust area where I usually make most of my adjustments, and I was right. I think that I had to take 5-6 cm from the shoulders, however, almost no modification on the bottom of the dress.

I used this beautiful dark-blue linen which was really great, it pressed amazingly well and obeyed perfectly. Of course, the upper part of the dress is completely interfaced (very light interfacing, but totally necessary, knowing that linen stretched too easily and all the pieces were cut either on bias or on curves).
Also, I took time to stay-stitch all the seams, which took ages but I thing it was definitely worth it.

And once the upper part was ready, the rest of the dress was a piece of cake and went together pretty quickly.

The morality of the story: do not get intimidated by what seems like long projects, the result is totally worth it and I loooove this dress. It is just the perfect summer work dress: simple, unicolour, but somehow very interesting.

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