Monday, 3 July 2017

Back to Basics Again

It was really fun sewing the jumpsuits, but let's be honest, they will only be worn on vacation and very hot week-ends, while I have an office job and desperately need some basics.
Last year, I had a flowery period and sewed a bunch of coloured dresses which are nice but again, not what I would be wearing every day to work. Our office is quite open-minded and you can see pretty much everything from suits to sneakers, but I like to keep things simple. To be honest, what I do wear most are dresses from black fabric with some motive or simple uni ones.

So on this year's wishlist a few models of interesting cuts which are best seen on one-coloured fabrics. And here is the last one, so far.

I cannot believe that I bought this fabric this year and it got sewn in like - two months. It is an incredibly soft cotton-silk which is probably suitable to much finer or drapier garments. Nevertheless, I liked the colour and could not resist the softness so I decided to sew a simple dress from it.

This is a pattern from an old Burda - 126 from May 2013, which is a number I have already sewn a few things from. Sometimes the magic just works with Burda! Actually, I have already sewn this particular dress as well - in some white broderie anglaise.

In order to get some body for my dress I interfaced it with silk organza and lined with some dark green silk - a woman needs some luxury in life. I think it worked rather well, or more precisely, without the organza, the dress would end up a fiasco.

It was a rather quick make, even though the armscyes are sewn by hand, there is an invisible zip and for most little finishing touches I always prefer to do it by hand.
I am quite hesitating whether or not try to shop for some black lace to decorate the waist or whether keep it as it and accessorize, if needed.

Yes, I know, it is a simple dress, but it will work very well for work, meaning, it will get worn and this is what counts.

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