Sunday, 11 February 2018

Brown Wool Skirt

This one was an extremely quick project. I have seen this skirt pattern in my Burda Classics edition a few years ago and I kind of like the silhouette. I was always hesitant on whether it is a right one for me, since I am not the tallest one over here and also I do not have a significantly pronounced waist. After a lot of hesitation, I decided to just sew it and see afterwards. Sometimes it is difficult for me to estimate whether a certain style is suitable for me since I have never had a piece of that particular clothing in the right size, so sometimes my apprehension just comes from poor fitting of RTW clothing.

For this skirt I used an exquisite brown wool-cashmere I bouhgt this year in Thailand. It has just a very nice touch, and a certain glance on the daily light, so even though I was worried in the beginning that it might appear rather granny's, bacause of the fabric, it does not.

I sewed a muslin, because you never know and I do not sew skirts so often. And then, the skirt was done in just a few hours, I could not almost believe it was sooo quick. I even took time to sew the belt and the belt loops properly.

The skirt is more or less a semi circle one, so I let it hang for almost a week, working on another project in the meantime. This is strange, as I am usually very mono-project: start muslin and cutting during the week, sew the maximum on Saturday and do some finishing touches on Sunday. Done. Next please.
I found out that this rhytm works perfectly for me. And it got rather broken by this skirt hanging for a week in the middle of my living room where I could see it every day.

Buuut, it got finished in the end :o)

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  1. Ca change de tes robes habituelles, mais cette jupe est très réussie (je me rappelle l'avoir également cousue lors de sa sortie).Ca valait la peine de la terminer!