Friday, 2 February 2018

When it is really cold outside..

I am always chilly. Like anywhere and anytime. I admit that I no longer endure the Central European freezing winters and the Parisian one are just full of clouds and some rain (and against all odds I often miss the time when it is -10, with snow and so sunny that it hurts your eyes, but that's life).

But whatever the place I am, I get chilly. So I always have a few dresses/skirts in wool to keep me warm when times are hard.
Two years ago I sewed these two basics from a Burda pattern 110-09-2015 (grey version and black version) and mainly the grey one just got worn to death (actually, the wool flannel or whatever it is ended up shrinking a lot over the time) so I had to give it away. And I was clearly missing it.

You see, I just had no choice and had to sew it again. This time, with longer sleeves, so that it becomes basically a copy of the black version. (btw: the dress is a pain to photograph)

I do not think I have something more to say about this dress. I love the semi-fitted version, you can wear some jewellery to spice it up and the wool flannel combined with silk is my little bit of luxury for every day. It is just a perfect basic and hey yeah, a girl needs that as well.

I think this is one of the biggest learnings from the last two years' sewing - it is always fun to make unusual projects, challenging sews etc, but at the end of the day, I also need my little grey basic because that's what will get worn a lot on normal days.

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