Sunday, 28 January 2018

Black Blazer

The last project of 2017. Actually, I did not plan to finish it and I did not finish it in 2017. I was not even sure that I would start it. I was done with X-mas presents sewing by the end of November, then I spent a few week-ends out, 2 weeks sick and the rest of my time baking a few hundreds of x-mas cookies. So I woke up the week before x-mas with no special project in mind. The 2017 was a very productive year so I felt like I have sewn everything I wanted to sew and had no special wish for the rest of the year.

 Also, quite exceptionally for me, I did not want to sew a special X-mas dress, as we were going to my in-laws, meaning in the middle of the French countryside where I am always freezing, so I knew I would wear one of my wool dresses with nice jewelry.

A week before x-mas when job got less crazy and all the baking was done, I just pulled out this pattern without overthinking things. I liked it since I bought this Burda (2015!), but never got to sewing it. Now I also had a nice wool/cashmere suiting bought this summer in Thailand I wanted to use. It is a less-formal blazer, which suits perfectly my work wardrobe. I have my eye on another blazer from this year Burda so I hope I will get to it soon.

I like the rather unusual darts, no pockets, and quite short jacket style (I am pretty short, so not a big fan of large jackets, however in vogue they might be). Also, it still creates a nice silhouette and simulates a waist, even for those who do not have it, hahaha. And... the pattern is a petite size, so a great bonus.

As I did not have any pressure on, I traced the pattern on Tuesday, sewed the muslin on Wednesday (in a terrible green old sheet fabric, btw) and got totally psyched out. No adjustments needed in the shoulder area, is that even possible?!?! I shaved 3cm off the sleeves length, added 1cm on each side around the waist (did I tell you I have no waist?) and shortened the front by 2cm - this was pretty easy because there is basically a double dart in there, so a lot of opportunities to incorporate these adjustments.

Oh yes, and I had to explain my BF that no, this green is just a muslin and I am not counting on sewing the blazer in any colour, I just need a nice basic black one. (He loves any colour on me as long as it is not black, oh well...).
On Thursday evening, I cut out everything from the fashion fabric. I was on vacation on Friday and basically, sewed the outer vest and lining during the week-end (apart from preparations for x-mas, of course). I was really excited how everything fitted and I liked it a lot.

However, it stayed in that status till 2018, since I was rather exhausted from the x-mas celebrations and we flew away to Sicily to spend a few vacation days and more importantly New Year's over there. On 2nd of January I was already back at work and life caught up slowly. I finally had some time to attach the lining (on the machine for most of it and by hand on the back hem and the sleeves).

I am very happy about the result: I used more interfacing than recommended and honestly, I could have put it even on the back and it would have worked too. There is no pulling or creepy lines, if I am really picky, the sleeve head could have been slightly larger, but I am really searching for bugs here.

I know this is a basics and that's what is great about this blazer, it will just work with everything.

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