Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Review of 2017

Originally, I did not want to write an overview of 2017, but the year finished rather beautifully, and I actually like reading the reviews from other bloggers so I will write mine as well.

First, to remind ourselves with the objectives of 2017 - I wanted to sew and I needed to decrease my stash by 10% while still buying fabric. I found out that being on a buying diet does not work for me - sometimes I just see the amazing fabric while on vacation or need to buy lining to finish a project. But buying while being careful and decreasing the stash at the same time works pretty well.

We went to Thailand on our big summer vacation so buying fabric over there was a must. However, I learned from my past mistakes and bought fabrics I would easily use up for my daily wear, not only those colourful cottons with Asian motives. I brought a few meters of some basic wool-cashmere suiting, as well as silks for linings. In total I bought 56,7m of fabric during the year which was A LOT. I need to be more careful next year, mainly at the beginning of the year, while "saving up" for the vacations.

On the consumption side, this was probably my best sewing year. Work was less crazy than usually, mainly in the second half of the year, so I had time and energy to sew.
  • I sewed my first patchwork - a large one - which used up a lot of my stash. I managed to use a lot of cotton coupons I had brought from the US or Indonesia a few years ago and which I liked a lot but which were not suitable for clothes. Also, I could use some of the large scraps I have left. Clearly a winner. It took me crazy hours but fits nicely into my piano room.
  • I used some little coupons for a few summer tops
  • I started sewing from the fabrics I bought on this year's vacation - a good proof of the right choices
  • I sewed up 78m of fabric, so the decrease is of 21,3m, which is largely above the planned 10% (I did not get under 100m of total stash, ending at 106, but that is okay, I will get to that soon)
  • I sewed a few of x-mas presents which enabled me to sew things I would usually not make for myself, I still have one post to publish on that
  • I got to sewing items from my long-term wishlist, such as some Vogue dresses or a cape
In total, I have sewed 38 pieces:
18 dresses
2 skirts (not blogged)
1 cape
7 tops
1 blazer
2 jumpsuits
2 pairs of trousers
1 short
1 patchwork
3 x-mas gifts

As for the pattern company stats:
I mostly sew from Burda (22 pieces), followed by 4 repeats of one NewLook and 3 different Vogue patterns and I did not have to do the statistics to know that, haha. I bought a few Burda numbers, as well as a few patterns. It still does not justify Burda yearly subscription; in addition, I know feel that I have a good stock of basic patterns in case I need something rather standard.

I am also quite happy with my blogging, as I have published 34 posts and I do not have a major blogging delay.

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