Tuesday, 9 January 2018

2017 Hits and Misses

I have realized that I tend to forget what I actually sew during the year. Some pieces of clothing become such big hits that it seems I own them since ever. So it is always nice to go through the year again and remind myself what worked well and what did not as it definitely helps my planning.

Let's start on the positive note - my 2017 hits:

This dress has everything - it is very simple, yet very intricated. It is sewn in dark blue linen which is not a usual colour for me but I like it a lot on myself. It is a shift dress so quite comfy even in the worst heat waves.

Ok, so officially, 2017 was a year of the sleeve and this is the only funny sleeve I did. Another shiftdress, in rather dark colours, it quickly became a wardrobe staple for me. In addition, I used some oooold fabric for that.

I still do not understand why it took me one year to motivate myself to sew this cape. In the end, it was such an easy make and I am very proud of the details, such as the zip, the arm openings etc. It is not a thing to wear every day, but I love it.

Again, not a dress I would wear every day, but an achievement in terms of sewing skills. I was too intimidated by the complexity, but once I did the muslin, everything was pretty clear.
Lesson to take with me to 2018: challenge myself more - I can sew a lined and fitted dress without asking many questions because I do it often. So I need to gain the same confidence on other types of garments, such as jackets.

Burda top
This top, because it got worn even though I do not have many white things to complement it. It is simple, yet comfy and creates a nice silhouette.

2017 misses:

The colour tops
Not all of them got worn, not because they are not nice, but because I tend to wear mainly dresses and miss some bottom separates. Actually, the only time I really wear tops is on summer vacation when I spend my time in shorts. So the take for the next year should be to sew more skirts and shorts to take advantage of my tops.

Red jumpsuit
While the first jumpsuit was a success and got some wear on vacation, I did not manage to take this one out of my wardrobe. Perhaps because it is too revealing or because I only remember the overexposed pictures on my blog which certainly do not do it favour. I think that the revealing back combined with shorts was a bad idea, it looked rather elegant in the original long version, while the short one is just blaah. However, I might try to sew another jumpsuit this year as I consider them quite cool and practical (once I solve the "toilet issue")

The 50' dress
I like the result, but it does not fit into my wardrobe. I do not have many opportunities to wear such kind of dresses, I will always prefer a nice shift to a large skirt. Also, the fact that the skirt is not lined feels like the dress is a cheap one.

This year's UFO
I usually do not produce UFOs, but this one was hanging on my sewing dummy for too long. It is my x-th attempt to sew a wrap dress (and definitely not the last one because I.need.a.wrap.dress). The fabric is some poly and I have to be really careful not to burn it during ironing. I am very happy with the cross-over which sits nicely, but am really bothered by the sleeves. Also, while the fabric looks cute on the black dummy, it is less appropriate on myself. I have considered black piping to break it. I am still convinced that I should try to finish this dress and that it can work. The aim overhere is to have a T&T pattern for a wrap dress.

Green-brown dress
Not yet on the blog as I have to adjust it. There is something about the proportions really bugging me; the bodice sits nicely, but the shoulder area seems strange, maybe if it was a V-shape, it would be nicer.
I like the colour of this suiting (not very clear in these pictures) too much to throw it away, so this went to my re-do pile.

All in all, it was a very positive year. I am not sure if I will be able to do so much sewing next year as well, so I just enjoy the new clothes in my closet :o)

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  1. Beaucoup de jolies réalisations!2017 fut une année faste!