Saturday, 10 March 2018

New Batch of Tops

From time to time I try to check my stash on the little pieces of fabric which are either remnants from previous projects or small coupons I bought for a bargain and I try to think what I could do with them.

This was the case of this black viscose top. The main fabric is a black viscose crepe with little cute flowers which I tried to used on my first attempt to sew a coat. I have never finished it because of poor fabric choices AND wrong fitting. However, I saved a few pieces of this viscose thinking it would deserve a project in the end. The problem is that nothing really fitted, till I thought about this top I had already sewn before and used some black crepe for the sleeves and binding.
I even kind of like the result, it will be definitely worn in summer.

The other project is not really scrap-busting because this top eats a lot of fabric. It is a dolman sleeves top from Burda, model 133 from 06/2012. I was not sure of the silhouette at all, but you do not know till you try it, so I pushed forward.

And fortunately I sewed a muslin, because it was just way too big. I saw a few of these tops on Burda's community page and they definitely seemed less baggy. In the end, I must have taken in at least 6cm on the front, as well as on the back, then adjusted the neckline and the diagonal. Also, I think I shortened the top by some 8cm. Once this was done, the top was very quick to assemble - all is French-seamed , the hems are biais-bound and the neckline is finished with a little hook and eye.

I think the result is rather cute, well the fabric might be for something, it is a polyester, but very smooth against the skin. It is very different from my other tops, and in a positive way.


  1. J'ai une préférence pour le premier, plus seyant je trouve. De quel patron s'agit-il? les deux se marient bien avec ta jupe, ta garde-robe de printemps avance bien!

  2. Merci! Oui, cela avance bien pour le printemps, maintenant il faut que la météo coopère aussi un peu.
    Pour le top noir, c'est un Simplicity 51-02/2014, d'un vieux magazine Simplicity, déjà cousu ici