Monday, 2 April 2018

2018 Resolutions

I have had this post in my drafts since the beginning of January, but forgot to post. Ii is always fun to read them once the ear is over, so here it is - better late than never.

So my sewing resolutions for 2018 are as follows:
  • Decrease my stash by 15% (16m) while still buying new fabrics - totally doable, as I managed this 2 years in a row already. The final aim is to get to some constant 70m of fabric (at this speed I will get there in 2-3 years) where I will be able to buy fabrics for new projects and not to shop in my stash all the time.
  • Sew more jackets - one is already done (not yet published) and another one planned. I am also dreaming of a Chanel-styled one, either in a blazer version, or the real one. At the end of the year I might also sew a new coat, finally.
  • Update this blog - I started it 4 years ago and took a simple layout. I think it seriously needs a visual update now.
  • Sew bottoms - shorts, trousers - I would need to do some serious fitting effort here, but since GAP just changed the cut of their khaki shorts, it might be worth having a good pattern rather than trying to fin new ones in the shops (and since my next vacation will be all safari and sand, I should start working on this one) PS: I already muslined one pattern, without much success, but I am determined to make it work.
  • Try sewing knits - I do not need to sew my activewear or t-shirts but I would like to try a dress in some heavier and stable knits, I have seen a few patterns lately which I really liked so maybe it is time I tried
And this is where my today's make fit perfectly :o) A few weeks ago I have bought two heavy jerseys determined to learn sewing with them. They are stretch, but quite stable so a good starting version.

My first jersey make is this Burda sweat-shirt - 111-02/2017. I liked the pattern since I bought the magazine so was rather determined to make it work. I appreciate the unusual cut and the pockets are very original.

It also forced me to discover the stretch programs of my sewing machine, especially the "overlock" one and it worked really magic. I interfaced the pocket openings, but apart from that, no further issue. I had done a muslin (fortunately) and shaved off at least 10cm from the width of the sweat.

All the hems were only turned inside and stitched which made the sweat a very quick make.

The sweat is extremely soft on the inside so very comfy to wear, so quite a nice first try on the jerseys.

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