Sunday, 22 April 2018

Africa Jersey

Now that I can sew jerseys, ha ha (and I know I can sew thick ones, but definitely will need some more training on the thin ones), I whipped up another sweat-shirt.

Actually, the red one was considered really a training/test model so I can sew a nice sweatshirt from this very cute fabric.

If you look closely, there are flowers, tigers, hearts and I-do-not-know-what-else - everybody seems to pick up on something else. However, the fabric is busy and cute and that's what counts.

I used another Burda pattern - 6046 because of the hoodie. I quickly checked the paper pattern against similar garments I own and then went for it. I only had a meter of this fabric and it was almost not enough. I did not line the hoodie, for one becase I did not have enough fabric, but also because the double layer would make it too thick and sturdy. The fabric is grey and very soft on the inside and I think it works like that as well.

I added the pockets, though, because I could not imagine a sweat without them, even though it is only to my hands in.

This was a very quick make, even too quick. I think I have cut out everything on one evening and sewed it up on the second one. I do not want to say it was almost a disappointment, but I actually like taking time with sewing and here I had a very nice piece ready in no time.

Oh well, canot have always everything. The weather has finally realized we are in April and the temperatures went up, so I am high on summer-dresses-sewing fever.

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