Sunday, 3 June 2018

False-Wrap Dress

After a May pause due to the two weeks of vacation and the workload in the office which followed, I am quite happy I did not participate in Me-Made-May this year because I would certainly not have enough energy and time. Also, I could not come up with a challenging pledge because justwearing me-mades is something happening almost every day now.

Buuut, I am back! And on a dress-sewing wave. And also, I am managing to sew recently bought fabrics. Ok, I am not making a significant dent into my stash, but actually, I "had to" buy some fabric to relaunch my sewjo. And it worked, I am back on the sewing track and as said, sewing from the new fabrics. So at least I know that they were not misses and they will get worn soon.

I saw this fabric by chance when I was looking for one for a specific project and I thought it was cute and easily sewn into a work-wardrobe dress. Black-and-white combination is an alltime win, right? The fabric is actually a light poplin, slightly transparent (ok, only slightly), but that meant I needed a lining (nothing new under the sun, I was going to add lining anyhow).

When going through my stash, I found this Butterick 6204 which is not something extremely special, but I bought it because I saw a very cute dress made from it by one of my favourite bloggers (it was 2 years ago so I do not think I could find her post now). And after my multiple wrap dress tentatives, I figured maybe a false wrap would really work for me.

I had somehow forgotten that the skirt was quite large and for work dress, I tend to sew pencil or A-line ones. Also, high-low hem, nooooo, not my style. On the muslin, I tried to make the skirt narrower, but even after taking away like 10cm on each side, it was still almost a half-circle one.

For my dress I then decided to use a pencil skirt (taken away from another dress) and only keep the bodice. I used a rather stiff polyester lining (hopefully I will not die in it, but it was the only black lining I had at that time in my stash) which helps the bodice to keep its form.

The construction was really interesting. Usually, in most dresses, I would construct the dress itself, check on the fit (that's why I often sew the back zip first and side seams afterwards, to have the possibility to adjust the fit on the sides), that sew the lining, then sew both together and/or finish all the hems. For this dress you basically sew parts of the bodice in the fashion fabric AND the lining, attach them together, then add the skirt and the back zipper is sewn in as the last step. However, this means that you would see the zipper borders inside of the dress, not really my style. I tried to follow this way as much as possible while still insterting the zip inside between the fabric and the lining. I attached the lining of that little waistband basically by hand to make sure everything was hidden inside.

In the end, the dress is really pretty inside, and outside as well, of course :o) I find the fit perfect and the final touches perfect. So really proud of this little number.

Ok, not my best face :o) but I am still happy I am wearing this dress.

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