Sunday, 17 June 2018

Bye Bye Birdie Shirt Dress

After the success of my wool shirt dress (yet to be blogged), I needed a summer version. Mainly because I finished the wool one just to late to wear it this spring, or the weather changed too quickly from half winter to half-summer.

Since it was already in my plans, I just continued with the summer verison rightaway. This time, I decided to omit the sleeves and use the large skirt of Butterick 6333. I bought this cuty-cute black poplin which was just the right weight.

In the end, I think the skirt was just too large, or my fabric not drapey enough, whatever... The usual technique of adjusting would be taking in the side seams, but I have pockets in them, so I have deconstructed the back skirt and reduced the number of pleats to reduce the volume.
The skirt is still large, but I like the volume better.

My fabric was very easy to sew. I used some interfacing on the strategic places, the collar was quite easy, ok, I might be more careful on the collar stand next time, but this can only be seen when you are very close (and a seamstress). When cutting, I tried to be careful with the direction the birds are flying here.

I had hoped to finish the dress before our spring vacation, but the preparations, work stress and lack of motivation I had this March and April basically meant that the dress got constructed but without a collar. I restarted it when we came back, just forgot to buy the buttons in time, so it remained almost finished for another week. In the meantime I started 2 other dresses and finished one of them. So, on a sunny Sunday I just motivated myself to do the buttonholes and sew on the buttons.

There is a waistband which I did, but am not sure I always like the dress with that. We will see how I will wear it in the end.

I think this is a very cute add to my summer-work wardrobe and I cannot wait to start wearing it.

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