Saturday, 7 July 2018

Red Cut-out Dress

I must admit, I just love the pictures of this dress, they scream summer and sunny days to me. This was and was not a quick make for me. I saw and liked this pattern (Burda 110-04/2017) last year and was convinced I would make it, but originally, I was thinking more of some black/grey/oranotherdark fabric.

Then I do not know what happened, this year I saw this red fabric in my stash. It comes from a shopping craizness in the US, very early in my sewing life. It is a quite stable cotton, and I never really knew what to do with it (I am not much of a home dec sewing lady). So it was sleeping in my stash till this summer when I decided to make this cute shift. So yay, for deep stashbusting!!!

And actually, I think it was a perfect match. Since the fabric is already rather sturdy, I did not line it, I only hongkongseamed all the seams and bias bound the sleeve heads.

Of course, the cutout was not easy. As recommended by Burda, I used a their pattern in calico fabric to make sure the cutout lies properly, but in the end, I had to adjust the different pieces and I am pretty sure I did not use all the attachments. But, the result is important, the cutout lies properly and I like it. This part was really tricky, but I am really happy I took time because it was so worth it.

Also, I was not lazy this time and inserted pockets. It requires some more time, but it is a always a big plus.

I would have never thought that wearing a red dress would have such an effect on me, but anytime I wear it, I am just smiling teh whole day.

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