Monday, 18 March 2019

Green Wool Jersey Dress

Is it just me or is the general offer of jerseys in a terrible mix of polyester and viscose, at best? Sure, there are many cotton jerseys as well, but chilly as I am, for winter I need something warm. Ok, apologies to everybody living in the really cold countries, but I tend to be chilly all winter long and I learned one thing: warm clothes are a basis for my everyday comfort.

So, when the winter seemed to have started here (I know, I know, we are having -1 to 3°, so nothing even compared to where I grew up), all my sewing plans fell away and I just needed a real wool dress. At the same time I found this double interlock which has 50% wool, mixed with some viscose and poly, and in addition, in this amazing dark-green colour. Actually, I was little bit worried for the shade, because with internet pics, you never know. When it arrived, I just loved it, it is a perfect colour for me!!!

Also, I just had an occasion where I would put it on - some in-laws coming over - so that would make this perfect comfy, yet, nice dress. I ordered the fabric on Sunday evening praying would ship it ASAP and I would have it before the next week-end. In the meantime, I had enough time to work on the pattern. My inspo picture comes actually from Burda, but I figured that the pattern is not difficult and I could easily recreate it with some pattern I already own. I found this Burda dress 110-08/2017 - it is a tall pattern, but with some muslin playing, that should work.
I shortened the skirt a lot, but kept the top almost as is, as it have me some more volume there. I shifted the shoulder/sleeve line easily 8cm higher, kept the sleeve length, but shortened the cuffs according to my inspiration picture.

Once the muslin was done, my fabric washed and ironed, the construction was rather quick, as with all jersey dresses. I even added a stretch lining, hopefully this will help with the tights-sticking issue.

I was not sure on how to finish off the neckline, so finally, I only sewed in a strip of fabric and turned it in. For the hem, I used a different stretch stitch, as on my ponte dresses, the double needle stitch tends to break in the end.

Ok I finished this dress about 30 minutes before the in-laws were supposed to come (but you know, we are in France, so I had plenty of time to pack all my sewing stuff, prepare the dining table etc.), so no stress.

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