Saturday, 6 April 2019

Monetta - my thoughts

So I seem to be rediscovering some good old patterns which have already done their tour of the blogosphere. Here is another one: Moneta dress from Colette patterns.

I wanted another jersey dress for those days when you just do not feel like wearing something very sophisticated but you want to look put up. Within one week I found two cotton jersey fabrics which would perfectly fit the bill, so I decided to buy the Moneta dress and sew a fit-and-flare silhouette, which, to be honest, is no longer my usual/preferred one.
But again - the combination of jersey (=comfy and relaxed) and large skirt (=put up) made me think it would work.

It appears that I am no longer used to seeing myself in large skirts, so I have a few doubts. But it does not mean, I will not wear them, au contraire!

My first Moneta is from black cotton jersey with many flowers. After sewing dark grey items for most winter weeks, I just need colours. Also, the weather was just amazingly sunny and cool for the past two months, so I got out of my rust and bought myself some colours.
As for the pattern, there is not much to say about it: simple and quick sew.
I adjusted the shoulder area little bit, as usual, and shortened the dress significantly. Everything was sewn with my machine, as I do not have an overlocker, even the pockets were easy peasy. However, this is not an everyday dress, but I like it a lot anyhow!
I did not read the instructions, because... well, nothing really complicated.

Pleased by this one, I cut out a rusty cotton jersey from Stoff&Stil for a second Moneta. This piece was sewn in an evening, so yay for instant gratification. I wanted to wear it the other day but somehow could not put it on. I tried a few days later and that's when I realized the skirt is just too large for me or for what I am used to wearing.

I took away the skirt, narrowed it by easily 18 cm (cut away the pockets :o() and attached it again to the bodice. The end result is much better and much more wearable for me. It works well with a little jacket and still feels like wearing a pyjama. Not to mention that I totally love the colour.

During this operation I shortened the bodice by 1 cm, so potentially it feels little bit too short, but that's perfectly OK with me.

The good news is that I still have 30-40 cm of this fabric which will make a cute little top, I hope.

It was rather windy the day we took these pics and my hair got totally crazy.

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