Thursday, 25 April 2019

90's Are Back

And it is official now because I have just sewn a bodysuit. Ok, so I was a teenager in 90's, so I have already tried these back then :
- shiny leggings with large t-shirts and huge sweaters
- high-waisted carrot jeans, of strange colours like light violet
- pinafore trousers/dresses
- bodysuits
and probbly even more, but my memory preferred to delete that

And I do not always have the best souvenirs of this period. So the 90s coming back lately is not making me particularly happy. I have seen pinafores everywhere but still do not want to wear them again, I just associate it too much with pregnant women. Leggings are a sports-only option for me, fortunately.

I do not wear jeans anymore so I do not need to ask myself whether I buy high-waisted or low-rise :o)

However, as chilly as I am all the time, I thought that having a bodysuit is actually great idea. I used some coton-lycra which had some nice 4-way stretch.

Having sewn two Nettie dresses this year, I used Nettie bodysuit pattern because I am just sooo in love of this pattern. It is such a great basic and yet, so versatile. And I know I am so late on the Nettie bandwagon, but I cannot help myself.
Not so easy to take a decent picture of a bodysuit.

Honestly, I wanted to have a deep back but then, the bodysuit will be worn during a period when I will again be very chilly, so I was being reasonable and sewed a standard one, with long sleeves.
I must say, I am sold on that one, it is just the perfect length and width, the right amount of stretch and it creates a very nice silhouette.

So yes, this one is a basic one, but a great basic!

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