Saturday, 17 August 2019

Summer Dress Serie - The Origami One

I have bought this fabric little bit by chance this summer - it is a linen/viscose mix and it has such a nice feel and shine that I just could not leave it in the shop and had to bring it home and find a project for it. I also quite love the violet colour, so the dress had to be something special.

I had the Burda pattern 101 from last year June edition bookmarked for "when the right fabric comes" and I figured this was the right combination. Seeing the top part of the dress, I had to muslin it, and I was right, I narrowed the "Star-Trek" flying bands and narrowed the bodice in general so that they fall in the shallow part of m shoulders, not on top of them.

When looking at the pictures, I think I could have done it even more, but once everything was cut, it was hard to play with the pattern.

The dress is of course fully lined and has pockets. I have recently been lazy and did not add pockets on some dresses which I definitely miss when wearing them, so the rule now is clear: add pockets whenever possible :)

The dress came out very nice, as the structured bodice fell into pieces just perfectly, the only thing bothering me a little bit is the fit of the dress: I think I could have fitted it little bit more, but at least I have a dress for eating huge lunch when at my in-laws.

This dress might be a great example of a frosting sewing, as I did not wear it to work yet, ad am looking for the right opportunity (maybe just because both the fabric and pattern feel so special and maybe I should just get over this and wear it :)

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