Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Summer Dress Serie - The Paisley One

I have quite mixed feelings with this dress, which is probably due to the context of its making, the fabric etc. I cannot quite decide whether I love it or not.

So, first the fabric: I must have bought this fabric the first year of my sewing because I reaaaaally liked the paisley on it. It is a raw silk, little bit scratchy and fine at the same time. I had 3m of it, but I think of only 1,2 m width. I was in love with this fabric for 2 years, but never sewed anything from it. Then I completely forgot about it for another two years. And I rediscovered it this summer again. So I decided to finally make something from it, before I completely fall out of love of it.

Then started my search for the right pattern. I ended up buying Burda 106 from July 2016 issue. I have always liked the lines, even without the pockets. A quick muslin later and I was cutting my fabric carefully to make sure the paisley matched. 
And honestly, I am really proud of myself because apart from 1 vertical seam and some slightly rounded seams, the pattern matching is quite good actually.

I have used up all my fabric, even though I still have quite a lot of scraps.

Another issue was the fabric transparency. Once you folded the fabric (e.g. for seam allowances), you could actually see through the dark parts of the paisley - no good at all. So instead of purely lining the fabric, I have interfaced the pieces with white silk-viscose. It is also helping significantly with the scratchiness.

Overall, I am happy with the fit of the dress - not too large and not too narrow, just what I like. However, me being very pale, I feel it is just too white and pasty for me. Maybe with a black jacket, that might work better. I will have to try.

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