Monday, 1 June 2020

A Super Quick Project

I must admit, it has been a few months that I have sewn anything so quickly. Since working a lot from home, I was practically living in my Monettas and Netties in the past weeks and was loving it. It definitely feels great to wear cute and comfy dresses at home. However, when the temperatures increased mid-May, I kind of struggled to find summer equivalents. My living room and thus working space is oriented to south-west, so very warm very early in the year.

Since the prospect of going full time back to the office is nowhere close (or at least not communicated), I thought I might sew something little and cute for summer home office as well. Also, I had 80 cm of this fibranne viscose I used at the beginning of the year for a mid-season dress and was really looking for an idea on how to us it up. I know that when lucky, I can squeeze a dress from 1m of fabric, so I was hoping that 80cm could work for some little number.

I wanted something similar to the famous Bella dress sewn twice last year, so I reused the skirt and was looking for a nice and interesting top. The help came from Burda 04/2016, a magic magazine number from which I must have sewn at least half of the patterns already. I used the top 120, for the cute front opening. Unfortunately, it is a long size, so I shortened the pattern pieces, I adjusted the width to match the skirt pieces and hoped for the best.

Magically, I managed to just cut out the dress from the fabric ans the rest was just a smooth sailing. I cut everything out just before lunch and by 5pm, the dress was ready. It rarely happens to me, because I like taking the time on a project, hand sewing, but after the summer seersucker (blogpost to come) jacket it was a nice palate cleanser.

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