Monday, 15 June 2020

The Klimt Dress

Once upon a time there was a collection of Klimt inspired fabrics sold in my favourite fabric shop. I had already seen them on the internet, but when I checked on them in real, I could not resist. At first, I wanted to buy the Kiss inspired one, but then managed to convince myself that while it is an extraordinary fabric, I would never ever sew anything wearable from it.

So in the end, I opted for a compromise, the grey fabric with little golden triangles. The fabric is a simple cotton, but the shade of grey is really cute and the golden freckles really change the final aspect of the fabric.

And then the fabric remained in my stash until this year's lockdown when I wanted a quick project of a dress without the need of fitting. By chance I have seen somebody on the Burda site having sewn the Burda 102-05/2019 and I remembered that I have already made this dress (and that I liked it a lot).

All planets were aligned and the project was super quick. I tried to "pattern match" as much as possible without overstressing, the dress is of course lined with a fine black silk, what else ad the success was almost guaranteed.

PS: we had to change a place for taking pictures this time, and honestly, the light was not so good, next time we will hopefully get back to our usual place

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