Sunday, 5 July 2020

A Failed Fail

Last year, when I was sewing a lot with jerseys, I got inspired by Deer&Doe photo of their jersey dress in grey tones. It is a very simple dress, so it definitely did not justify buying the pattern (sorry, Deer&Doe), since I figured that I could easily use a basic jersey pattern and just cut the different panels. I used the same fabric as them, fine cotton jersey, however, I thought it was rather thin for a jersey dress.

Adjusting my pattern was easy peasy, I cut out the upper part in grey-green and the rest in pure grey. The sewing was quick and easy as well, actually a weekday evening project.

That's why I was rather disappointed by the end result. Even though I added little more wearing ease, I found the dress way too hip-hugging for my liking. This is probably because of the fabric, which is less stable than ponte. I put the dress aside thinking I would recycle it to make baby clothes some time.

And there it remained till the lockdown. I am not a pyjama person, so during the whole lockdown period I was wearing dresses at home. And of course, not the same ones as I would wear to work, but all my jersey dresses got worn during the 3 months of me working from home. At that point, I tried to put on this dress again and I figured it was just great for being worn at home, or for the occasional grocery shopping outside.

The funny thing is that it actually became one of the most worn before the weather got too warm to wear a long sleeves dress.
So I must say I am very happy that I kept the dress anyhow, it is comfy, cute and the cotton jersey is of great quality, it resists all washing and is very soft on my skin.

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