Sunday, 19 July 2020

Summer for Little Boys

I usually sew for little kids in winter time when we see the whole family at X-mas, however, this time, I got to make something for summer, for a change and what a pleasure!

The strong prevalence of little boys in the whole family is still continuing, so I am trying to get creative with what I have 😊. As usual, I wanted to create a complete outfit and this time I even did it for both boys together.

First to come - the linen trousers for the big boy (just over 3 years old) - Fanny trousers from this year La Maison Victor. I used a beige linen remnant - very old stash - and bought a piece of quilting cotton with little coloured buttons to complement it. I must say that I am extremely proud of this combination as the trousers just work with any other colour.

For his little brother, I made a pair of trousers based on the same pattern, but instead of side and back pockets, I created "side in-sewn patch" pockets. Both trousers have elastics in the waist and so should be very easy to pull on.

I still had a piece of the linen so I found a bucket hat free pattern and tried to cut out two of them (because I could not only make one, right). With a little piecing, I won the pattern puzzle game and so the boys have their bucket hats.

Last on the list were some tops. I started with a simple t-shirts, my TNT kids pattern from Ottobre 2019 in the right sizes. 

And since I still had some colored jersey left, I made two more with hoodies.
The small one is a hacked version of Ottobre 2019 hoodie I have already sewn in the past.

The big one is Burda 141-10/2013. I am quite happy I have this stock of old Burdas as it is just a big stock of treasures and basics.
No idea why I do not have the green hoodie t-shirt on this picture... And since everything has already been given to their mum, no chance to have it photographed again :)

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