Sunday, 13 September 2020

Bamboo Dress

While 2020 is a very funny year, I am really happy that I did not stop sewing and that it enables me to

1. have something fun to do while staying at home

2. have new clothes adapted to my new lifestyle without going shopping

I have also managed to sew things I would not usually do in general, I ventured more to the jersey territory and I am learning new stuff. 

When ordering fabric once last year, I added a piece of bamboo jersey to my cart, basically for two reasons, I liked the shade of green and I wanted to see what bamboo fabric is like. While I live quite close to a great selection of fabrics (Marché St Pierre in Paris), they rarely have an even moderate choice of jerseys and finding the "new" fabrics like bamboo or tencel is almost impossible there.

I was quite surprised by the texture, because I really do not like the feel of viscose jerseys, I find them very plastic-y and I completely stopped buying them which is a pity as many of fun colours are only available in viscose. Bamboo, on the other side felt nice and comfy. Also, the fabric has quite some weight and drape which is a nice surprise, but at the same time was a challenge on the model to sew from it. 

In the end, I chose a very simple pattern (Burda 113-03/2009), for once, I dared not to sew a test model and just made my standard Burda adjustments hoping the jersey would be forgiving.

The final result is exactly what I expected. It is a nice casual dress, extremely comfy, but still rather cool. I wear it mostly at home, but have no difficulties in going out while wearing it. The fabric is really soft against he skin and yet, quite cool even in hot weather. 

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