Sunday, 20 September 2020

Baby Sewing Again

Another little boy in the family and this time I was ready early, actually even before he was born. I wanted to have some real fun, so I bough a little piece of an extremely cute cotton jersey from Stoff&Stil and then played with to create a collection. I sewed everything in size 3-4 months, so it really did not use up much of the fabric for each piece and I could sew a lot of them :)

First come the bodies - of course - both of them Burda 130-11/2014, I just cut the sleeves on one of them. The little decoration is actually a functional pocket. I must say that I prefer this body pattern to the one with snaps on the shoulder, mostly because you install less snaps, but for the parents it might be less easy to put on. We will see.

Then we have leggings, one in the great mustard forest jersey, the other one in a remnant of grey jersey I had in my stash. These were extremely quick to sew and they look very cute! Burda pattern 137-05/2015.

Since the little guy will be 3 months when the weather becomes autumny, I added a jacket to the lot, Burda Baby 07-01/2020. This pattern is reversible, but since I decided to line it with black jersey, I am not sure it will really be worn in the black version.

So that is for the clothes, but I still had some fabric remaining, soooooo... 2 little beanies based on tutorials found on the internet.

2 bibs - bandanas, again, some free patterns.

Bunny ears teether 

Aaaaaand... Montessori ball. 

I think this took the most of time and was the most complicated of all :)

First, the pattern is recommended for wovens, so I had to interface all the pieces (and there are a lot of them). Second, as said, there are a lot of pieces. Basically you sew 12 stuffed triangles and then gradually attach them together. I tried to make sure that they were really well attached and that there are no threads coming out, so it really took a lot of time.

However, the result is extremely good, if I say so. And I was really wondering if the Montessori ball is really more of a puzzle for the sewing that for the end recipient :)

Btw, I used this amazing and super clear tutorial.

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