Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Another Try on the Jumpsuit Trend

I have seen jumpsuits all over the blogosphere since a few years, but somehow, did not really want to jump on that train. I have sewn 2 short jumpsuits, where only one gets worn when on vacation and one long one which I like as such but somehow do not reach for it.

At the beginning of that trend, I bought the McCalls M7366 pattern which I really liked for its class presentation, if I thought that it might work the same way the dresses usually work, aka, you only have one piece to get out of your wardrobe and you are set to go.

So I bought 2m of black crepe and was just waiting for the right occasion. I finally managed to sew it during the French lockdown and I must say that I have mixed feelings on the result:

The pattern is really good! I had to adjust it for the length, of course, but I did my homework and muslined it, so all is good. The pleats on the front were kind of a puzzle, but once I got around it, it looks really nice. 

Also, I appreciated my choice of fabric because you have around several layers of fabric on some places. At the same time, the light fabric works less on the trousers part. Honestly, I would prefer something more sturdy on the trousers, or at least something less flowy.

And this is basically my main concern on the finished jumpsuit: it really looks good on the upper side, but is somehow strange on the trousers. I must admit that I had to narrow the pants as well and probably should have taken in also in the crotch part.

Also, the viscose is just horribly wrinkly, even though you iron it properly.

When looking at the picture, I kind of like the result, but I did not pull it out one single time in summer. Ok, so the covid context and a holiday in cold weather probably do not help, so given the exceptional circumstances, I will keep it in my wardrobe for some time yet.

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