Sunday, 25 October 2020

Outfit Sewing

I must admit, outfit sewing is not my sewing style. I sew things I like or I would like to wear without thinking much about how it will all go together.

So while this is quite an exception, I am really happy to manage to create a whole outfit for once. 
I had this remnant of fibranne viscose, left from a dress and since I really loved this fabric, I had to find something to do with it. Strangely, I always think of little tops for the remnants, but this time, I figured I could squeeze out a little simple skirt. 

The skirt is vaguely based on the winter shorts I sewed at the beginning of the year, for the skirt part, I just cut out what I could from my remnant and that was it.

It got sewn extremely quickly, as there is nothing very complicated, apart maybe the hidden zipper.

I wore it mostly in summer with a little black Nettie body (blogpost to come), but this week I whipped up a little sweater from black merino double knit. I got a huge order from The Fabric Store this summer, including this black double knit. As usual, it is very soft and cosy and I just love the final result. 
I used a very basic pattern, compared to one of my current sweaters and while this is a very basic make the result is just so versatile.

So no difficult sewing, but a great result in the end. Both things really work together, and I received many compliments on the skirt. It is strange how sometimes very simple things produce great results. 

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