Sunday, 1 November 2020

LinkedIn Inspiration

 A totally improbable post title, but completely true! 

The inspiration for this sewing project was exactly this picture I saw the other day on LinkedIn. 

This is when I realized that I already have exactly the right fabric - the same colour and the same weight. Back in 2019, I bought 2m of bright red ponte and sewed a dress from it which I still have yet to blog. I have somehow difficulties in wearing it because.... well it is a lot of bright red :)

Then I used a piece of the fabric to whip up a little boy t-shirt and I still had half a meter left. Just perfect for this project. Well, I almost did not have enough, so I had to cheat little bit on the length, but it all worked out in the end.

I used my turtleneck block (already used for the turtleneck dresses) and honestly, I really like the result. I think it will probably work much better than the red dress because it is just the amount of red and I can easily combine it with darker colours.

And since this autumn was definitely a separates' sewing season, I whipped up a little grey skirt. So ok, these are some pretty basics, but actually this is what gets most of wear in my wardrobe and basically, it goes with almost all tops I own.

I used a piece of dark grey wool flannel I was saving up for some winter trousers, but let's be honest, this is never gonna happen so I better use the fabric for something nice. I was afraid the fabric was not sturdy enough so I used some light interfacing to beef it up little bit and I am really happy I did.

I was really afraid the pockets would distort the shape of the skirt, as this happens quite often to me, so I stabilized the pocket openings and it seems to be working just OK.

The skirt is of course lined with some black silk.

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