Monday, 16 November 2020

Flight Attendant Dress

Ok, I know I should stop giving my dresses these names because I risk not wearing them later because of their names. This dress was actually my comeback to sewing after vacation and honestly, I was seriously procrastinating on it. I used Burda 102-08/2020 - a very recent pattern of which I totally loved the picture in the magazine, but this is largely due to the fabric they used. 

As I did not want to buy anymore fabric (huge fabric shopping haul in September which brought me back to the 2019 numbers, so I have to get sewing if I want to achieve my 2020 goal), I tried to find something suitable in my stash. 

In the end, I decided to use this dark blue cotton-wool which has a little texture so I thought it would be really nice. I quickly measured the dress against my dress block, adjusted the shoulders and started sewing without a proper muslin. Also, since I wanted to line the dress and hide the construction parts in the lining, I changed the construction steps. 

The project was just not going forward, as I was not much excited about it. Until the moment when I had the idea of adding a little caramel piping on a few seams and this was really a great idea because it instantly pimped up the dress and out of a sudden, it transformed from a blah dress to a cute one. Also, once the collar was installed, I really loved it, I like wearing high collars and turtlenecks in general, so this definitely helped. 

The only issue I had at this point was the excess wideness of the dress. I could still wear it with a belt, but in general, I do not like that so much, so I ended up taking it in a few centimeters on the sides (not much since I had added the side pockets) and then adding back darts. This changed the silhouette of the dress significantly, so the final result is up to my expectations.

I do not own many blue clothes so this might be a good addition to my wardrobe.

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